We strive to be the leader in advancing the science and analysis of sailboat performance


Our mission is to develop and catalog the science underlying sailboat performance resulting in more accurate sailboat handicapping formulae for the benefit of all racing sailors.

Our success will be measured by the widespread use and impact of this research, ultimately resulting in fairer yacht racing, that in turn stimulates more participation. Our research reports will be accurate and have the greatest integrity. We will be financially sustainable through charitable contributions and grants.

We will serve an international user base of those focused on sailing performance prediction, including naval architects and handicap rule makers.

We will support research efforts using scientific and engineering principles, utilizing the best research facilities and individuals, and report our findings in public forums.

We will build, maintain and continuously update a free-access library of past research, data and papers relevant to the science of performance sailing.

SYRF, a 501(c)3 foundation, was incorporated in 2006 by a group of sailors and scientists who, through research into the performance of competitive sailing yachts, made it their goal to develop the tools that aid in promulgating better handicap racing in all categories.

Help ensure our research and development continues