Through the history of science there has been a fundamental quest for reliable data from which sound analyses can help derive meaningful conclusions. Without good data, science cannot move forward.

It is SYRF's goal to create an archive of research data related to sailboat performance, including all research performed by SYRF and any reliable and vetted data donated to the foundation that has relevance to current and future research. And by making this information available openly to the public we expect it will be of significant value to new research projects for validation or comparison purposes.

Research data given to SYRF from within the United States can be considered a tax deductible donation.

We ask that anyone using the data found in this archive contact SYRF's Executive Director, McKenzie Wilson. We are interested to learn what the data is being used for and we would also be happy to add your findings to the archive. Please make sure you correctly cite the original author or organization that produced the data.

Help ensure our research and development continues