SYRF’s Winter Update

December 18, 2018

SYRF Newsletter – early 2018-2019 Winter edition This fall, SYRF and its team have been very active in furthering our mission of developing the science of sailboat performance and handicap racing. We have made significant progress on most of our projects specifically including the following: The SYRF Mobile App Working with our newest Board member…

The SYRF Mobile App — Coming soon to a regatta near you!

October 17, 2018

SYRF DEVELOPS SCORING APP Spurred on by the gap in transparent and modern handicap scoring tools, the Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF) is developing a one-stop-shop mobile tracker and analytics application. The functionalities of the SYRF Race Tracker and Analysis Mobile App will be multi-fold, delivering unprecedented capabilities to Race Committees, sailors, and spectators. This…

Join us at Stamford YC on May 10!

April 10, 2018

SYRF: A Revolution Ahead in the World of Sailing

March 5, 2018

Published in Spinsheet’s March 2018 issue.

Larry Rosenfeld Joins SYRF Board of Directors

February 27, 2018

Newport, Rhode Island – The Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF) is pleased to announce the addition of offshore multihull sailor Larry Rosenfeld to the organization’s Board of Directors. Rosenfeld is an experienced software entrepreneur and has a strong sailing resume, having been the Navigator n many successful offshore racing boats, including Team Adventure, a 110-foot,…

SYRF Chairman Inducted into National Inventor’s Hall of Fame

February 2, 2018

National Sailing Hall of Famer Stan Honey (Class of 2012) will be inducted yet again, this time into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame (NIHF). The winning offshore navigator and inventor of football television’s yellow “First and Ten Line” is one of 15 pioneers to be honored at NIHF’s induction ceremony on May 2-3, 2018.…


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