New Research

SYRF Begins Work on H-0 Project

Newport, RI — Fairness in yacht racing is affected by the choice of scoring method applied in a race. For sophisticated methods using a VPP-based determination of the boat’s performance coupled to a model of the wind behavior then the boat’s score will reflect its relative ability to sail the model course efficiently. However, the…

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Read all about it!

  SYRF’s recent Downwind Aero Moments and Forces project was featured in the most recent issue of Sailing World. For more on how to apply SYRF’s research to your downwind spinnaker trim, read JB Braun’s article here.

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It’s Finally Here — Boat Performance Database launches!

  The world’s first public Boat Performance Database has officially launched! The database will serve as a valuable repository of on-the-water sailing log data for handicappers and sailors. For handicappers, the database will provide a means of validating the predicted performance of sailing yachts under each rating rule. For sailors, the innovative Wind Venue Reports…

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