14 Meter Hull


By McKenzie Wilson and Jim Teeters

The Sailing Yacht Research Foundation (SYRF) is publicly sharing the design of a 14 Meter wide and light hull. SYRF hopes that the entire sailing community will use this as an educational exercise to better understand the capabilities and limitations of current performance prediction tools.

The 14M Project was conceived as a follow up from the 2015 SYRF Wide Light Project, which provided the design and research community with a means of validating computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes against a towing tank model. By making public the hull surface files and rig dimensions, SYRF hopes that designers and researchers can once again collaborate to improve their understanding of CFD’s ability to accurately predict the performance of wide and light designs.

SYRF’s Technical Director, Jim Teeters, worked with members of the SYRF Advisory Council, including Adolfo Carrau of Botin Partners, to produce a design that reflects the current trends in yacht design both in style and in size. With most new wide and light designs falling into the Fast40+ or TP52 class, and with the Wide Light project already having utilized a 72-foot design, the Advisory Council selected 46 feet (14 meters) as the optimal length for the new design.

The complete hull surface files (IGS format) and rig and sail dimensions are available below for download.

SYRF asks that those who choose to run the 14 Meter Project through their CFD or VPP share and discuss their results through the forum below.

Share and discuss your results!

SYRF and NUMECA Fine/Marine offered a CFD seminars in May 2017 in Newport, RI for interested participants. The seminar provided free access to NUMECA's cloud-based CFD solution and walk participants through the 14M Model Hull as a test case.

SYRF will post results from the NUMECA seminar during the summer of 2017.


The SYRF 14 Meter Project is open to ALL participants. If you would like to have your name listed and results shared through the SYRF website, contact McKenzie Wilson.

Keep checking in here throughout 2017 as the participant list is updated!


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Hull Dimensions

SYRF 14 Meter Model Metric
Overall length 14 m
Length-Volume-Ration (LVR) 7.25
Beam-Length Ratio (BVR) 0.3
Draft/LOA 0.24
Maximum beam 4.20 m 
Volume ST 7.201
Displacement ST 7384 kg
Volume MT 5.715
Displacement MT 5860 kg
VCG ST Datum -1.000
SYRF WL Phase 2 M1 Grid

Rig Dimensions

SYRF 14 Meter Model Metric
IG 19.00 m
ISP 21.500 m
MW 0.250 m
GO 0.250 m
SPS 0.000 m
J 5.600 m
P 19.500 m
E 6.300 m
FSP 0.100 m
SPL/TPS 8,200 m
BAS 1.900 m
BD 0.130 m
MDT1 0.130 m
MDL1 0.265 m
MDT2 0.075 m
MDL2 0.150 m
TL 2.150 m
Rhino View 2


IGS Surface Files


Rig, Hull, & Sail Dimensions

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