Sailing performance data is an important validation tool for yacht handicappers to compare predicted boat performance with observed boat performance. However, this data has never been shared publicly or in a centralized location. SYRF intends to not only provide a convenient platform for collecting this data from individual boats but also for sharing this data with the sailing design and research community.


No more manual data transfers or uploads! Data will be automatically uploaded to the database from the SYRF Mobile App.

The SYRF Mobile App, which will provide GPS tracking for training events and regattas, will automatically upload a boat's tracking data to the SYRF Boat Performance Database. From the GPS data, the SYRF Mobile App will calculate estimated True Wind Direction, True Wind Angle, and Polar Percentage. Sailors can also connect their boat's instrument system (requires wifi onboard) to the SYRF Mobile App -- instrument data will be uploaded, alongside a boat's GPS track, to the database.

Performance data will be stored in a non-relational database, such as MongoDB, that will be made publicly accessible via a data warehouse solution, such as Redshift or BigQuery.

The data warehouse will be connected to the ORC Measurement Database, allowing users to query based not only on regatta, location, and date but also boat parameters such as LOA, draft, displacement, designer, and sail area.


The platform will be utilized by two groups of individuals: the average sailor and the technical user/researcher. For the average sailor, he or she will use this platform to upload boat log data to the database as well as to view sailing venue reports. The ability to view historical information on each sailing venue will be an incentive for sailors to upload their own data to the database. For the technical user/researcher, he or she will utilize the search function to select sections of the dataset to download for offline analysis.


The SYRF Boat Performance Database will be accessible after the launch of the SYRF Mobile App. The mobile app is set for a beta launch in March 2019! If you're interested in trialing the new app and database, visit the SYRF Mobile App page and sign up as a beta tester!

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