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A One-Stop-Shop Mobile Tracking and Analytics Solution


Sailing performance data is an important validation tool for yacht handicappers to compare predicted boat performance with observed boat performance. However, this data has never been shared publicly or in a centralized location. SYRF intends to not only provide a convenient platform for collecting this data from individual boats but also for sharing this data with the sailing design and research community.


The application will provide automated real-time live handicap scoring for all scoring types and handicap systems worldwide, greatly reducing the workload of Race Committees and providing sailors with instant insight into their performance on the race course.

For the first time ever, real-time performance curve scoring will be possible, making it more convenient than ever to implement what has traditionally been an overly complex scoring methodology. The application will rely on the Performance Curve Scoring (PCS) math engine that was developed in 2017- 2018 in conjunction with the Offshore Multihull Association (OMA) and SYRF and help from the ORC.

Beyond PCS, the application will also provide live handicap scoring for Time on Distance and Time on Time (including Triple Number) races. H0 scoring may also be incorporated if sufficient interest is expressed.

Boat tracking will be available through a user’s mobile device or through the traditional third-party tracking devices (Yellowbrick, TracTrac). The former will provide a smaller footprint tracking option to events that do not need/want to manage the distribution of additional tracking devices.

Tracking data from boats will be used to automatically score races and to generate KPIs during and after each race. Tracking data will be uploaded to the SYRF Performance Database where it will be linked with each boat’s respective measurement certification/data.

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